Pediatric dentistry - Pedodontics Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims to preserve the health of childrens’ baby and permanent teeth and to treat diseases which caused by caries, trauma, hereditary and similar factors.
What is baby bottle tooth decay?

Breastmilk, artificial milk or formula which has an important place in feeding of babies contains sugar as a natural content. In this period, sugar or honey is mixed into the food for better nutrition by the family. When the baby receives breast milk or a feeding bottle before sleeping at night, the nutrients accumulate in the mouth and remain there for a long time. Due to the sugar in the content, a suitable environment is prepared for dental caries resulting from prolonged contact. Therefore, care should be given to the oral hygiene of babies given the formula before sleep. The best measure to be taken is that babies should drink water before sleep.
What is fissure?

Fissure is a small indentation and grooves on the chewing surface of molars. These indentations where the caries are most common are caused by the fact that the toothbrush does not reach these areas.
What is the fissure sealer?

As the tooth enamel is not fully mature when the teeth first comes info mouth, the newly erupted teeth are generally more susceptible to decay and are prone to decay formation. The fissure sealer is the process of covering the chewing surfaces of these molars with a fluid filler in order to prevent debris filling those grooves. In this way, the chewing face of the teeth can be easily brushed and the risk of decay is minimized. There is no harm or side effects. It is made only on the chewing surfaces of molars. Fissure sealants may break or fall under the chewing pressures over time. In this situation it can be done again.
Which is important? Fissure sealer or fluoride?

In both methods, these methods protect teeth from caries in different directions and complementing each-other.
Is fissure sealer expensive application?

Fissure sealer is more economical than normal dental composite filler. And it is a protective treatment.
Is fissure sealer easy procedure?

Fissure sealers are easy to make. Depending on the cooperation of the child with the doctor, application takes 3-5 minutes.
What happens if the fissure sealer is not applied?

If fissure sealant is not applied, the risk of decay of these teeth is increased because the surfaces suitable for decay in molars.
What is the most ideal time for the application of fissure sealer?

The best time for fissure sealant treatment is in the first months when infant has its teeth. If the caries have progressed to the dentine area under the enamel layer of the tooth, it would be more appropriate to do traditional filler than the fissure seal. Dental caries progress very rapidly especially in children. For this reason, it is very important to apply the fissure sealers immediately.
Any pain during fissure sealer applications?

Painless and extremely easy operation. It can only be difficult in cases where the saliva flow is high, the nausea reflex and the mouth are opened less than desired.
How fissure sealer will be applied?

Fissure sealant is applied to the surface of the tooth with a surface roughener. The flowable fissure is applied to the covering tooth. Harden with the help of blue light (beam filler). All these procedures take approximately 3-5 minutes and your child will not feel any pain during the procedure. After the application of fissure sealer, your child can eat and drink if he wants.
Which fissure sealer should be applied to the teeth?

Fissure sealer; it can be applied to baby molars, permanent molars and premolars.
Can the fissure sealer be applied at the old age?

Fissure sealer can be made immediately after completing the teeth. Only young patients are suitable for fissure sealer treatment.
Do you need to repeat the fissure sealer application?

The fissure protects the cover layer until the tooth exfoliates. However, conditions such as breakage and abrasion may need to be renewed over time.
Are there any side effects?

Fissure sealer does not have any side effects. It does not contain any harmful substances that will affect the health of the child.
How do fissure sealers prevent caries?

Even if the children brush their teeth every day and floss, it is not possible for the teeth to clean the indentations and grooves. Food residues and bacteria settle in these grooves to cause tooth decay. Since the fissure sealants are fluid, they penetrate to the deepest point of the grooves and make it impossible for food residues and bacteria to stick.