One Day Implant
Prosthetic restoration on dental implant is performed at the earliest after 8 weeks with traditional treatment methods.
However, in some special cases and conditions, the prosthetic restorations can be placed in the same day with implantation. '1 DAY IMPLANT' can be successfully applied with a professional team work and experience.
Before this procedure, it is necessary to evaluate the bones of jaw by obtaining tomography and planning the dental prosthesis to be made. These procedures are completed with preliminary work of 2-3 days.
1 DAY IMPLANT: for whom it is suitable?

For those who do not have advanced bone loss in the jawbone and who do not need advanced surgical techniques, this method can be applied safely.
1 DAY IMPLANT: what is the advantage?

A temporary fixed (non-moving) prosthesis is made in the same day in which dental implants are placed. This gives the patient both aesthetic and psychological comfort. Moreover, gingival healing is ensured in a way that is the closest to natural way.
1 DAY IMPLANT: after completion what are things to pay attention?

Especially in the first month, care should be taken not to put too much load on the teeth and chewing must be done carefully. Chewing tough foods should be avoided, unilateral chewing should not be performed as much as possible.
Are dental implants suitable for all?

Dental implants can be applied to anyone with sufficient height and thickness of the jawbone. Generally this procedure is simpler than tooth extraction. In patients with insufficient bone structure, advanced surgical techniques are used to enhance bone width and height. Hence, implant therapy can be performed on anyone by using advanced surgical techniques.
When to place a tooth on an implant?

In traditional implant treatment, prosthesis are made 2 - 5 months after the implant is inserted. But it is possible to load implants even within the same day by carrying out the technical evaluations in the patients with adequate bone structure.
How is the traditional implant treatment process?

In routine applications, after being placed in the bone, implants wait there for 2-3 months without functioning. Resistance of bone during implant placement is one of the determinative factors for waiting period. Furthermore, additional surgical procedures may prolong the duration for 2-3 month.
What kind of procedure is an implant treatment?

Implant therapy, which is a surgical procedure, is mostly performed under local anesthesia. In terms of patient comfort, it is similar to tooth extraction. In case of some special conditions, it may need to be performed under general anesthesia.
Is there an age limit for an implant treatment?

Implants can be applied after 18 years of age after the development of teeth and jaw is completed. It is inconvenient to perform implant treatment at earlier ages since the jaw development is not completed. In aged patients, implant therapy can be safely applied when there are no obstacles such as uncontrolled systemic diseases.