Smile Design
Smile design is the process of bringing tooth, gums and lips into consonance with each other.
Smile design enables someone to have a unique smile. The shape, size and color of teeth, plus the form, color and the amount of gingiva that is seen while smiling are the factors that affect aesthetics.
When necessary, by making small interventions to gingiva and with small touches applied on the teeth with laminate veneers, an aesthetic smile may be obtained. This enables the attunement of the pink-gingiva and white-tooth.
What is mock-up?

It is the method which can show the final point that can be attained before the treatment begins to the person who needs a smile design. The purpose of this method is to show the person what kind of smile s/he would have before entering an irremediable path, that is to say, without performing any action on the teeth.
How is the mock-up implemented?

Mock-up is a treatment which is performed without the need for any anesthesia or disturbing treatment. After taking an impression from the person, a model is obtained. The desired shape and size are given to the teeth and gingiva on the model in the laboratory environment. This design that is obtained on the model is transferred to the mouth environment. As a result of the evaluations and corrections made together by the physician and patient in front of the mirror, the ultimate aimed view is obtained.
What can your dentist change in your smile?

It is possible to make change in your smile on each of the following topics that disturb you, including the white and pink aesthetics. In order to make your lip, cheek and smile more fleshy and prominent, many treatments such as color and height arrangement of teeth, correcting the uneven teeth, closing the spaces between teeth, replacing the missing teeth are utilized by the dentists.
What is the smile line?

The smile line is an imaginary line following the cutting edges of the upper teeth. Ideally, this line should follow the curve of lower lip. This reference line gives you an idea about at which size your new teeth to be done should be.
Which procedures to follow during the smile design process on gingiva?

Making the gingiva symmetric and approximating the levels to the golden proportion constitute the pink aesthetic of smile design.
Which procedures to follow during the smile design process on teeth?

For a good smile design, perfect harmony of pink and white aesthetics is required. Making the shapes and forms of teeth symmetric is provided by approximating them to the golden proportion. For this, various treatments such as laminate veneers, aesthetic fillings, bleaching, zirconium porcelains are utilized. These treatments, which constitute the white aesthetic of smile design, are among the indispensables of aesthetic dentistry.
How much time is required to complete a smile design process?

The smile design is completed within 7-10 days when no additional treatment or operation in teeth or gingiva is required.